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  • Who created SketchKeys?

    SketchKeys is a family-run project, managed by Artiom. I'm a former senior product designer at WeWork and author of "Solving Product Design Exercises." My parents—both product designers—take care of the production and shipping process. Feel free to reach out.

  • How long does the shipping take?

    Shipping around Europe takes about 8–15 days; to the U.S., 11–22 days; and Asia and Oceania, 14–30 days.

  • Is peeling off the stickers going to damage my keyboard?

    No, while working on the product I completed at least a dozen cycles of applying stickers and peeling them off. Both my MacBook and external keyboards are in great shape!

  • What if I don’t like the product?

    We work hard to make sure it won’t happen. However, if for some reason you don’t like the product you can get a refund up to 40 days after the shipping date.

  • How durable are the stickers?

    The stickers are made to last at least for a year, giving you enough time to remember all the shortcuts combinations. 💪

  • I’m colorblind and I want to use your product.

    Send me an email and I’ll create a custom version for you for the same price.

  • I like the stickers but I’d love to get them for other software.

    Sounds interesting! Send me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

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